Friday, February 17, 2012

Traductor Espanol al Ingles – Ciarain Marx has just released Spanish version of his website.

Autonomous Spanish to English translator, Ciarain Marx has just released the Spanish version of his website. Ciarain is based in Madrid, Spain. Ciarain translates all types of texts from Spanish to English and revises all types of English texts. Each project is carried out with quality, punctuality and at a very reasonable price.

The website has many features including a full list of the clients and projects he has completed to date divided by specialist field. There is also an online translation quote feature.
Ciarain had the following to say, “After so many years of successful trading it was time to enhance my online presence with the hope of winning more direct work from clients and cutting out the middle man, the translation services companies in most cases. It gives the public an insight into the prestigious list of Blue Chip clients I have built up over the years and in turn gives them an extra sense of security when dealing with me. These days an on-line presence is imperative to survive in today’s market.”
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