Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Stop Shop offering a 10% discount off 2013 translation rates

One Stop Shop Translations is offering a 10% discount off its 2013 translation prices with the following coupon, TRAONESTOPSHOP2013. Simply send your coupon number coupon number with your translation request and the discount will be taken in account accordingly in your quotation. This discount comes after a succession of translation rate cuts in 2012 due to the current economic climate but in no way reduce the quality of the translation services produced by One Stop Shop.

One Stop Shop Translation’s CEO, Mark Kieran says, “With this discount and the previous cuts in 2012 we see ourselves as one of the most competitive translation companies in the world considering the quality of the services we offer. We can still remain competitive due to our unique management model and translator loyalty we have built up over the years. ”

A translation quote can be requested can be requested on this link. Simply upload the files that need to be translated with any additional comments, for example, language combinations required and/or additional services required for example software localization or Desk Top Publishing. Add your coupon number to the translation quote request and then simply click the send button. You will receive a personalized quote the same day from a sales representative with your 10% discount added accordingly. Alternatively do an online translation quote here for an idea of the price you will pay. Simply enter the field of specialization of the document, the language combination and the word count and the price without VAT or the discount will be calculated directly on the screen. Please note for multiple languages and documents or more complicated requests you can send a request directly to sales@onestopshoptranslations.com or call our sales line on directly on 0034 91 365 9608.

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