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Monday, October 7, 2013

Localization: The Definitive Guide

During the month of October One Stop Shop translations is releasing "Localization: The definitive guide". A user guide for students and localization professionals, the guide contains a series of articles with each one dealing in detail with the localization process for each component of software. The articles are written from a component point of view as opposed to a process point of view in that it details the process of each component individually. Please note that this is may lead to some overlapping between the articles. The links to each article are as follows:

- Software Localization: Background and Methodology
- Online Help Localization: Background and Methodology
- End User License Agreements Localization: Background and Methodology
- Software Documentation Localization(Quick User Guides and User Guides): Background and Methodology
- Website Localization: Background and Methodology

Please note that the best order to read this series is as follows, Software, Online Help, Documentation, End User Licence and Websites!

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Mark Kieran, CEO, One Stop Shop Translations

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Remember that translation of software is not just simple straight forward translation but a complicated process that involves many stages and specialized expertise called software localization!