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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Latest Translation rates - One Stop Shop Translations

One Stop Shop Translations has just revised its translation rates for the year 2012. The revision includes translation rate cuts of up to 30% for some of the principle language combinations but in no way reduce the quality of the translation services provided by One Stop Shop.

One Stop Shop Translation’s CEO, Mark Kieran says, “With this revision we feel are are even more in tune with today´s econmic climate. The cuts follow even more cuts made last November and make us one of the leading quality translation companies in the world with such low pricing. With the crisis showing no signs of abating we felt we had to get even tougher and our low cost model has enabled us to do so. In fact I would even go as far as to say we have even thrived in the adverse market conditions”

Typical language combinations that we offer that have seen these massive cuts include: Translation rate per word :
English to German Translation - €0.10
English to Spanish Translation - €0.10
English to French Translation Services - €0.10
English to Portuguese translation Services - €0.10

One can request a translation quote here and see for yourself, no additional commissions, no added fees for specialty fields or urgency, a uniform translation rate for all translation within a language combination. Sounds too good to be true!