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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Range of Interpreting Facilities in Madrid.

One Stop Shop Translation has released its comprehensive new range of interpreting services. The company now provides simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, sworn interpreting, whispered interpreting and interpreting for business groups. While the main language combinations are from English, German, French and Chinese to Spanish, One Stop Shop provides almost every other language combination. In most cases the most popular combination tends to be from English to Spanish and Spanish to English, however, in recent months the company has noticed a steady increase in the demand for Spanish to Chinese and Chinese to Spanish interpreting.

One Stop Shop Translation’s CEO, Mark Kieran says, “With Madrid being the geographical centre of Iberia and the administrative centre of Spain there is a huge demand for interpreting services. With our range of services and languages we hope to cover this gap in the market. It shows how One Stop Shop Translations has grown over the last two years in that it has the confidence to handle these new demands. We are more than confident that we can cater for any realistic interpreting combination”.

The company also provides Interpreting quotes online allowing perspective clients to compare their rates for competitiveness.